Hydro D-Chlor Water conditioner

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  • Pondineer HydroD-CHLOR water declorinator that is fish and plant safe
  • DeChlorinator by Pondineer.  HydroD-Chlor helps treat new water.


Pondineer Hydro D-Chlor 

Use Hydro D-Chlor to make your municipal tap water safe and protects your fish from the dangers of chlorine exposure and heavy metal toxicity in new and established ponds.

  • Neutralizes chlorine and chloramines
  • Fortified with soothing botanical extracts
  • Removes compounds from solution
  • Immediate, fast acting results
  • Great for water changes and adding water

Pondineer Hydro D-Chlor is designed to neutralize chlorine and chloramine, while also binding harmful insoluble elements common in tap water. Our Hydro D-Chlor conditioner contains natural soothing botanical extracts to help fish adjust during times of increased stress while creating a safe environment for pond fish and other aquatic life including turtles, tadpoles, and aquatic plants. Keep a supply on hand at all times, as Hydro D-Chlor is indispensible for routine or emergency water changes and during times of transit.


For optimal results use in conjunction with HydroStart Beneficial Pond Bacteria, HydroBarley Liquid Barley Extract and HydroSolve Waterfall and Rock Cleaner

Ensure your pond has the following:

  • pH of 7.2-8.9
  • proper circulation via pump/fountain/waterfall

When used to neutralize chloramines ensure that the pond has an established biological filtration system OR that you immediately begin establishing a viable bacteria colony to optimize surplus nutrient absorption.



Apply 1oz per 1000 gallons around the edges of your pond and in front of your skimmer so product has a chance to mix through the whole system.

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