Pondineer Vanishing Falls Waterfall Kit 2000 Series 15' with SS Pump

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  • Pondineer Vanishing Falls Kit 15 ft 2000 Series
  • A lovely Vanishing Falls with a Pondineer 2000 Series Kit
  • Pondineer Vanishing Falls Kit labeled
  • Pondineer Large Simple Fall 2000 Component
  • Pondineer Large Simple Fall 2000 Side View
  • Pondineer Pump Vault houses your pump
  • Rain Tank which you receive 4 of in your Vanishing Falls waterfall kit
  • Components that come with your Vanishing Falls Waterfall Kit
  • Vanishing Falls 2000 kit results
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Pondineer Vanishing Falls Waterfall Kit 2000 Series with 15 Ft Stream and with SS2200 Pump


 Our 2000 Series Waterfall kit has a larger SimpleFall waterfall weir, larger pump, longer pipe and larger liner  to create a longer/higher stream than our 1500 Series.

Why choose a vanishing waterfall over a traditional garden pond?

  • The soothing sound of water
  • Low maintenance
  • Fast, easy installation with professional grade components
  • Eco-friendly
  • Constantly recirculates water once it is filled, or the Vanishing Falls may be shut off while you are away
  • Our kits include EVERYTHING you need, except rocks and plants

  Instead of falling into a pond like our pond kits, the water "vanishes" through a bed of gravel into an underground reservoir where it is then pumped back to the top of the falls. 

 Beefy construction, professional grade components, and simple installation mean you could be enjoying your water feature in as little as a day. 

 Pondineer Vanishing Falls components are Made in America of the same material used to make whitewater kayaks. You'll feel the quality compared to other pondless waterfall kits.

 Pondineer SimpleFalls 2000 waterfall kit allows you to create a beautiful waterfall in any space, large or small, including on a lanai or porch, entryway or courtyard as well as the more traditional outdoor location.

Pondineer easy DIY Vanishing Falls 2000 Kit  includes everything you need to build a beautiful custom waterfall in your backyard with up to a 15ft stream!

This Kit 

(1) Custom speed strip faceplate and stainless steel screws

• (1) DuraVault pump vault and lid

• (4) Large Rain Tanks - 27" long x 16" wide x 16" high

• 20’ of 1.5" Flex PVC

• Stainless Steel Pump

• (1) 10’ x 25’ .45mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner

• (1) 10’ x 10’ Geotextile Underlayment

• (1) 1.5" Union Check Valve

• (1) 1.5" to 2" Male Adapter

• (1) 1.5" Street Elbow

• (1) 12 oz Can of Waterfall Foam

• (1) 2.8 oz Tube of Silicone Sealant

• (1) 4 oz Can of PVC glue

• (1) 1/2" x 43’ Roll of Teflon Tape

• (1) 16 oz canister of Pondineer HydroSolve Waterfall Cleaner (Dry)

• Easy Installation Guide - Includes easy to follow step by step  instructions as well as tips and tricks from our Pond Pros at The Pond Hub Includes:



 Maximum Flow Rate: 2,000 Gallons Per Hour

Maximum Stream Length: 15ft


 Consider adding an automatic fill valve kit to your waterfall installation!

Download our Vanishing Falls Installation Manual Here
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Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty on the Pondineer Components for the Original Purchaser One Year Manufacturer Warranty on Pump
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