Vanishing Falls Information

Vanishing Falls Information

What is a Vanishing Fall?

Vanishing falls are a great option if you are looking for a water feature for a smaller space, or your lifestyle doesn't warrant a koi pond.

They are ideal for those who travel as they can easily be shut off.

. A vanishing fall is a waterfall and stream without the pond, where the water "vanishes" into an underground basin and is recirculated back to the top of the falls .

The vanishing fall system is a simple concept.

It consists of a below ground basin or reservoir  that holds water typically located at the  base of the stream or creek bed under stone. Within that reservoir is also the pump housed in our Pondineer Pump vault. The pump located in the basin recirculates the water through pipe to the head of the waterfall.

The vanishing fall system can be turned off at any time, or be placed on a timer to turn on or off at whatever time you set, usually dusk and dawn.