Water Feature Installations. Simplified.

  Simple Design.  Fast Installation.

 We've re-imagined what it takes to install ponds and waterfalls.

No gimmicks, no guesswork, no problems.

Just simple biological and mechanical filtration with unbelievably durable, easy to install

Pondineer American manufactured water feature components.

 Professional grade. Industry leading.

Instead of baking every possible technological innovation into our SimpleFall waterfall weirs, DuraSkim Mechanical Filtration Skimmers, and DuraFall Biological Filters like the competition, we carefully considered each component's role in the water feature, then began designing around that intended role.

We focused on core functionality, ease of installation, and durability, eliminating features that were there for the sole purpose of filling a slot on a spec sheet. 

We like the result, and we think you will too.

 Filtration. Simplified.

Pondineer filtration components are precision crafted right here in the USA.

Our industry leading filtration components form the core of our pond and vanishing falls kits, and are also available for purchase separately.

Perfect for your next water feature refit or expansion project.

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