Do you have green water or string algae in your pond?

Do you have green water or string algae in your pond?

As your pond ages if you are consistently applying bacteria and adding aquatic plants, the bacteria will colonize and the plants will grow and spread their roots, and both will compete with the green water for the same nutrients, ultimately producing clear water.
This process, unfortunately, takes time...ponds are living entities that need time to get in balance or restore their balance and we have to be patient...but we can help the process with these tips for fighting green and string algae in your pond:

  • Install lots of floater plants like the great selection of oxygenators and spreading marginals we offer at The Pond Hub. Their extensive root system are great filters within your stream bed and pond.

  • Think about adding a bog, or completely filling one of your waterfall tiers with plants, as your water will circulate through and the plants will use the nitrates the algae needs. Diverting and circulating pond water through external tubs of plants is another way to create great aquatic plant filtration. Adding plants to the top of your Pondineer DuraFall biological filtration, as shown in the picture, is another great way to get more plants into your pond. Plants compete with the algae for the same nutrients, and we want the plants to win!

  • Provide some shade. Floating islands not only add shade but allow for more plants in your pond as well. Water Lilies also produce great shade as they mature, and add additional filtration.

  • Pondineer HydroShade is a blue or black dye that absorbs UV rays but is perfectly safe for fish and plants.

  • Consider partial water changes, no more than 20% weekly.

  • Consider installing an ultraviolet sterilizer as part of your filtration system. UV lights kill the green algae as they pass through the light, but they are not effective against string algae, as that does not circulate through the light.

  • Pondineer HydroBalance is a great product to aid in the fight against string algae, make sure to mix it with water to activate then just add to the perimeter of your pond.

  • Green and string algae can also be controlled with chemicals called algaecides. This should be your last resort, as it is more of a band aid than an actual solution. Please note chemicals should be used with care. You must know the exact water volume of your pond, and you must have excellent circulation in order to safely treat it chemically. Dangerously low oxygen levels are one side effect of chemical treatments; as the algae dies and decomposes the oxygen level will be greatly reduced.

Still have questions? Call or email us and we will do our very best to help you!

2nd Jun 2015 Faye

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