Koi Information

Koi Information


koi-banner-4-fish-smaller.jpgThe Pond Hub sells only the best quality healthiest Koi Fish!

  •  We offer both Standard fin and Butterfly fin Koi in case quantities, as well as mixed cases, so you can easily purchase both varieties together!

  • On occasion we also offer select individual Koi from our Breeders.

  • We are also able to source that special particular Koi you are searching for as we have a network of Quality Breeders we work with, so give us a call or send us an email!

  • We also offer Comets, Sarasas and Shubunkins, which are in the Goldfish family, to make your pond complete!

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Did You Know:

Fish play a vital role in your pond's ecosystem?

Koi forage on algae and pond debris. They convert these into nutrient laden waste, which provides food for beneficial pond bacteria and aquatic plants.

Koi are also very beautiful and docile, and provide a great conversation with visitors. They can also become great pets and many many people have their Koi recognize them and can readily hand feed them!  

We work with only reputable established Koi Fish Breeders who take every precaution to maintain the quality and health of their stock. All fish shipped are health certified. We also work with elite breeders for the individual Koi we offer for sale, so we are always able to source the most beautiful, healthy fish to meet your needs!

 Before You Order Your Fish:

 Make sure to test your water before introducing your fish to ensure you are putting them in a healthy suitable environment where they will thrive!

 Ideally your pond will have been circulating with the pump on for at least two weeks with a beneficial bacteria colony established, and with pond water conditions in their normal ranges.


We strongly recommend you quarantine new fish for 14 days to ensure the health of your overall fish population.

 After You Order Your Fish:

Your fish order will be expertly packed and shipped Overnight Express to arrive on your door usually the day after you place your order on Monday through Thursday. Orders placed Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be typically be processed and shipped out the next business day.

It is extremely important you are home to receive your fish, as after their flight they do not wish to sit inside the shipping container and get hot! Make sure you watch our video as to how to acclimate your Koi Fish upon arrival to your home!

If you do have the rare unfortunate experience of a fish arriving DOA, please do take a picture of the fish and contact us at The Pond Hub immediately so we can take care of you.

We cannot be held responsible for fish loss that occurs from the shipping carton being left unattended on your porch, doorstep, etc, long enough for the fish to die or enter shock.

It is incumbent upon you to be there to recieve the live fish shipment and immediately begin the acclimation process. If you cannot be there, you must make arrangements with a friend, family member, neighbor, or someone else you know and trust to receive the shipment and immediately begin the acclimation process. Do not delay beginning the acclimation process, or your fish may die.

When your fish arrive, remove the plastic bag they are in from the box. Leave the bag sealed and place it in your pond for AT LEAST 15 minutes so they can acclimate to your pond's temperature. After 15 minutes, remove the fish from the bag either with a net, or making a slit in the top of the bag and allowing the fish out with a minimal amount of the shipping bag water entering into your pond. 

DO NOT put the water from the shipping bag into your pond, as it is deoxygenated and full of fish waste and ammonia.You may want to put the fish bag waste water on a plant as it is excellent fertilizer.

The Pond Hub ships Koi and Goldfish only within the lower 48 States at this time.We cannot ship live Koi to Maine as it is illegal, but we can ship Goldfish.

Koi Fish Information:

 Size: They have been known to grow to 36"

 Lifespan: Up to 47 years 

 Diet: Omnivore

 Color: Varies

Temperament: Docile, various sizes will co habit without any problems

  Koi Fish History:

 Also known as nishikigoi, koi carp and koi fish, Koi (Cyprinus carpio) are a member of the carp family. There are several different theories surrounding the development of Koi as we know them today, and though dates and times vary with each, one thing they all agree upon is that Koi originated from a species of wild carp that is a primary food source throughout asia and the middle east.

 Originally kept by rice farmers for a winter food store, some of the fish began to exhibit genetic mutations in the form of colors. First red, then white, then red and white together, and so on. This is thought to have been sometime during the 19th century. The farmers recognized that these fish were special, and so the colored fish were spared from the plate and were kept separate from the normal carp, and were allowed to breed.

 The further development of Koi as we know them today was pioneered by the Japanese, and by 1915 a triple colored Koi was introduced in Tokyo, after which Koi keeping became very popular in Japan. 

The development of the plastic bag in the 1950's allowed Koi to be shipped worldwide with high survival rates, which is due in part to their hardy carp ancestors. The popularity of Koi continued to spread worldwide, and over time the beautiful variety of colors we see today were developed.

 Today's Koi Fish:

Today, Koi fish come in a variety of colors, from solid yellow to tri-color patterns. There are over a dozen officially recognized Koi color combinations, and the older a Koi is, the more prominent its color pattern will become. Traditionally, Koi range in size from 2.5" to 36" but given the proper environment, can grow even larger.

Butterfly Koi fish range in size from 2.5 inches to 36 inches, but given the proper settings can grow even larger. They will look great in your pond, and their long flowing fins provide an illusion of effortless flight when viewed from above. Fin length is an indicator of age, with older fish having longer fins.

 Koi were originally very expensive, with one fish being equivalent to the price of a small car. They were primarily kept by members of high society in formal garden ponds, but today anyone can purchase an entire case of them.

 Our Koi Fish:

 Our Koi would make a wonderful addition to your pond! They are simply stunning, and can be mixed with many other fish, including Butterfly Koi, Sarasa Comets, Pond Comets, and Shubunkins.

 Our Koi are of high quality and are health certified, coming from reptutable North American breeders who has been in business for multiple generations, so you can rest easy knowing your fish are coming from a clean source.

 Like always, we have great prices, and your Koi ship Overnight Express for a low flat box rate in the Continental US!

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