Rain Tank

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10.00 LBS
  • Large Rain Tank - Your kit comes with 4
  • Rain Tank
  • Rain Tank before top is attached
  • Rain Tank pieces showing how you receive it


Large Rain Tank

The rain tanks form the basin or reservoir for your vanishing waterfall, and these are constructed of recycled polypropylene for strength and durability.

These are the same rain tanks used under football, baseball and soccer fields to allow for quick drainage, and will hold up to almost anything!

You receive 4 large rain tanks in our Pondineer Vanishing Falls waterfall kits, each tank has 4 rectangular sides and 4 square inner pieces, they are a snap to put together.

We suggest you put your rain tanks together and lay them out along with your pump vault before you dig your basin, so you will have a more precise idea as to how large and deep you need to dig your basin.

If you are creating a wider higher fall, we suggest you lay the rain tanks out in a line, for a more standard fall with a few cascades in a stream, you most likely want to make a square shape with your tanks.

Each Rain Tank measures 28" long  x 16" wide x 17" high and has a 33 gallon capacity



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