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Hardy and Tropical Water Lilies In-Stock Now

If you spend any time in our shop, you'll hear us talk about the importance of aquatic plants in your pond's ecosystem. They play several key roles in your pond: Filtration, Shelter, Food, and Oxygenation to name just a few. They are one of the main elements necessary to a healthy, thriving, self-maintaining balanced ecosystem in your pond.

Now we could sit here all day talking about pond plants, but for the time being, let's just focus on the belle of the ball: the Water Lily. We like them so much we put a one in our logo.

lily flower

These beauties come in both Tropical and Hardy (Freeze-Tolerant) varieties, and they bloom in several colors of the rainbow from about May through September-ish, depending on your location. Individual blooms last about three days, and they add both aesthetic value and ecosystem health in equal measure.

But how many lilies do you need?

We recommend anywhere from 40%-80% coverage of your pond's surface with aquatic plants. Due to their spreading nature, a few lilies can easily fulfill this requirement. Here's a quick breakdown of how many you need in a typical pond:

Water lilies are pretty low maintenance plants, and don't really require any special care other than an occasional fertilizer tab, as long as they're immersed in a thriving ecosystem pond. Like any perennial, you'll want to remove old blooms/dead lily pads/ down to the crown after a flower finishes, to ensure new growth.

Other than that, just sit back and enjoy the show as they bloom this season.

We have several dozen individual lilies for sale starting today. Each plant has several lily pads and will have several blooms throughout the season. Make sure you get a few different colors to add interest and visual appeal to your pond.

Come pick your lilies out soon at our Ocala store, they won't last long at $24.99 each!

 We offer complete aquatic plant packages for ponds and streambeds starting at $75 that include every plant you need for your pond, shipped right to your front door. Just tell us how big your pond is, and we'll do the rest:

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29th May 2014 Jason

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