HydroSolve Waterfall and Rock Cleaner 50 lbs Dry

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  • HydroSolve Waterfall and Rock Cleaner 50 lbs Dry
  • HydroSolve Waterfall and Rock Cleaner 50 lbs Dry



HydroSolve Waterfall and Rock Cleaner

HydroSolve works as your strongest line of defense to quickly and safely remove debris and algae from rocks, waterfalls, streams and anywhere else algae build-up has occured.

  • Oxygen Powered
  • Reduces algae's abiity to adhere to the rocks, making it easy to wash away 
  • Safe for your pond's ecosystem

Used regularly it can help to reduce your pond maintenance workload by eliminating string algae in your pond and waterfall. HydroSolve Waterfall and Rock Cleaner consists of fish-safe dissolvable granules that bring the natural cleaning power of oxygen to your koi pond, waterfall, and water garden!

Our product also restores a natural electrolyte balance to the pond with a slight buffering effect to help prevent dangerous pH swings. Contains no harmful detergents or chemicals. Hydrosolve Waterfall and Rock Cleaner is completely safe for fish and pets.


For optimal results in ponds: Use this product in conjunction with Pondineer's HydroStart Beneficial Pond Bacteria and HydroBarley Liquid Barley Extract.

Ensure your pond is equipped with a mechanical skimmer device, or remove excess debris with a fine net the day after treatment.

Foaming is normal and will subside once the algae has been filtered out of your system.

For optimal results in streambeds and waterfalls: This product alone is sufficient.


Use as part of a routine maintenace regimen to keep rock surfaces clean.

Shut off the pump and wait until the water has stopped flowing before applying product. 

Apply 2 tablespoons of HydroSolve Waterfall and Rock Cleaner per 10 square feet in a thin layer, directly on top of problem algae in your streambed or waterfall.

If possible treat on a sunny day, let it sit for at least an hour (several is optimal),  then re-start your system. 

Re-apply if needed after 48 hours.

Do not apply to plant leaves, as it may cause discoloration.

You may rinse the rocks with a garden hose sprayer for a vanishing falls or pondless waterfall.

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