Hydro Shore Aid Probiotic Pellets

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Hydro Shore Aid Probiotic Pellets from Pondineer

This great product attacks sludge and muck accumulation resulting from buildup of organic matter in natural ponds and lakes. This organic buildup leads to poor overall water quality.

HydroShoreAid is a scientifically tested and blended formulation of pro-biotic beneficial bacteria and controlled release soluble oxygen granules which work together to digest, breakdown, and eliminate the sediment layer. 

  • Promotes pristine water quality
  • Digests muck and sediment
  • Infuses Oxygen
  • Safe for your pond's ecosystem including fish and plants


For optimal results ensure your lake has:

  • a pH of 5.7-9.5
  • water temperature 48 degrees F or above
  • proper circulation via waterfalls or fountains. This is important as there needs to be oxygenation for this product to work effectively.


One pellet treats 50 square feet of water

Simply drop HydroShoreAid  into the center of your treatment area 3x per week once your lake's water temperature climbs above 48F. Increase dosage frequency if poor water quality conditions persist.

For near shore treatment, drop 1 pellet every 5 feet around the shoreline of your lake

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