Water Treatments for Ponds & Waterfalls

Water Treatments for Ponds & Waterfalls


Pondineer: Simple, Safe Naturally Effective Water Treatments

We are pleased to offer for sale our own Pondineer line of top quality water treatments made from effective natural ingredients which have a great value per cost.

Odds are good you have spent a fair amount of money developing your water feature, so why not maintain it with Biologically Balanced Affordable Water Treatments?

Please do call or email us if you have any questions regarding the use of any of our water treatment products, and our experts will be happy to assist and guide you.

We use these pond water treatment products ourselves in all our water feature displays at our retail location, Touch of Paradise Designs, Inc., and at all our new installations and maintenance accounts.

A large percentage of our customers also continue the use of our products with much success.

We also often experience customers switching back to our Pondineer line of water treatments as other "cheaper" pond products have thrown their pond's ecosystem completely out of balance. If that is your situation, we are here and happy to help you get your pond sorted out, we are only a phone call away!


  • On Sale
    Pondineer Hydro Start Beneficial Bacteria 16 oz.


    HydroStart Beneficial Pond Bacteria

    $14.99 - $157.99
     Beneficial Pond Bacteria: Your First Step For Pond Maintenance  HydroStart beneficial pond bacteria should be the cornerstone of any pond maintenance program!    This environmentally safe, eco-friendly solution is safe for all...
  • Rock cleaner.  Algae control.  HydroSolve Rock & Waterfall Cleaner. HydroSolve Rock and Waterfall Cleaner 16 oz.


    HydroSolve Waterfall Cleaner Treatment

    $14.99 - $27.99
    HydroSolve Waterfall and Rock Cleaner HydroSolve works as your strongest line of defense to quickly and safely remove debris and algae from rocks, waterfalls, streams and anywhere else algae build-up has occured. Oxygen Powered Reduces algae's...
  • On Sale
    Pond algae and debris eliminator.  HydroBalance by Pondineer.  Helps treat and eliminate organic pond matter safe and naturally. HydroBalance 32 oz. water treatment


    HydroBalance Pond Balance - Algae Care

    $29.99 - $106.99
    HydroBalance Pond Balance by Pondineer  OUR #1 BEST SELLER HydroBalance works to stabilize your pond's micronutrients and safely reduces debris and string algae from rock, waterfalls, streams, and ponds. When used regularly, good water quality is...
  • Barley Extract by Pondineer.  Available in different sizes, used for pond algae and debris Barley Extract by Pondineer.


    HydroBarley Pond Algae care

    $20.99 - $41.99
    HydroBarley Liquid Barley Extract Our Pondineer HydroBarley is the only pharmecutical grade concentrate derived from barley straw. More potent than any other brand, our product reacts quickly to keep your pond in pristine condition...
  • DeChlorinator by Pondineer.  HydroD-Chlor helps treat new water. DeChlorinator by Pondineer.  HydroD-Chlor helps treat new water.


    Hydro D-Chlor Water conditioner

    $14.99 - $21.99
    Pondineer Hydro D-Chlor  Use Hydro D-Chlor to make your municipal tap water safe and protects your fish from the dangers of chlorine exposure and heavy metal toxicity in new and established ponds. Neutralizes chlorine and chloramines Fortified...
  • Pondineer HydroSalt 32 oz.


    HydroSalt Pond Salt 2 lb.

    Pondineer HydroSalt HydroSalt is a safe and natural way to help heal and replenish fishes natural mucous membranes to make them happier and healthier. Using Pondineer HydroSalt also helps to boost fish immune systems to prevent future illnesses. Our...
  • On Sale
    Bacteria, Algae control and Barley Pond Power Pack, HydroVive water treatment kit.


    HydroVive Pond Water Treatment Combo Pack

    MSRP: $99.00
    Now: $79.50
    Was: $99.00
    Pondineer HydroVive Combo Pack Means Savings For You! HydroStart Beneficial Bacteria with HydroBalance and HydroBarley Our three most widely used products for maintaining your pond's ecosystem.  We are offering them together in the most popular...
  • On Sale
    16 oz HydroBalance, 8 oz HydroSolve, 16oz HydroStart & 8oz HydroBarley


    Pond Cleaning Survival Kit - save when you buy all 4

    MSRP: $89.99
    Now: $71.99
    Was: $89.99
    Ideal Water Treatment Package.  Everything you need for your pond clean out. 16oz. Hydro Balance.  Helps breakdown organic matter, sludge and debris.  All natural, will not harm fish or plants 8oz. Hydro Solve:  Treat that unwanted...
  • Pond Shade and Dye by Pondineer.  HydroShade Pond Dye.  Pond dye


    HydroShade 1 gallon Deep Blue or Black Shading

    Pondineer HydroShade HydroShade is available in either Deep Blue or Reflective Black to help protect your pond from unwanted UV rays. Couple that with the benefit of a concentrated pro-biotic supplement to keep your water clear; and you have a great...
  • Pondineer Hydro Shore Aid for natural ponds and lakes


    Hydro Shore Aid Probiotic Pellets

    $49.99 - $149.99
    Hydro Shore Aid Probiotic Pellets from Pondineer This great product attacks sludge and muck accumulation resulting from buildup of organic matter in natural ponds and lakes. This organic buildup leads to poor overall water quality. HydroShoreAid is a...
  • HydroSalt Pond Salt by Pondineer


    HydroSalt 10 lb. Box 3,200 gal

      Pondineer HydroSalt HydroSalt is a safe and natural way to help heal and replenish fishes natural mucous membranes to make them happier and healthier. Using Pondineer HydroSalt also helps to boost fish immune systems to prevent future illnesses...