UltraSonic Repeller

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  • Ultrasonic sound scares predators away but you hear nothing!
  • Great predator control via ultrasonic sound
  • Back side of ultrasonic repeller


Ultrasonic Repeller

Safe, easy way to keep unwanted pests away!

  • A great way to safely protect your pond or garden from unwanted pests
  • Can be used around ponds, in the garden or anywhere you need to keep animals away
  • Motion detector senses a pest and emits a loud, piercing ultrasonic sound at a frequency that people can’t hear
  • Weather resistant for years of outdoor use
  • Operates on six “C” cell batteries which provide up to 2,000 activations
  • Adjustable frequency and detection area
  • Includes mounting stake for ground use or can be hung on wall, posts, etc.
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