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Beautiful Premium Larger Koi Fish for Sale!

Premium Regular Fin Koi- Hand selected for their superior bright coloration, patterns, and excellent overall body conformation.

Our Koi are simply stunning, and are Health Certified. Farm raised here in the US from breeders with almost 90 years of experience and from the finest Japanese broodstock.

A superior fish worthy of exhibiton!

We offer these beautiful premium grade koi for sale in 2 larger sizes and a variety of case quantities, perfect for any size pond

Shipping via overnight air freight is now just $39.95 per case in the Continental US!

24 Hour/Live Arrival Guarantee!-Your fish will arrive alive, and will survive 24 hours. Please read our shipping policy prior to ordering.


Size: Up to 36"

Lifespan: Up to 47 Years

Diet: Omnivore

Color: Varies

Temperament: Docile

 History: Also known as nishikigoi, koi carp and koi fish, Koi (Cyprinus carpio) are a member of the carp family. There are several different theories surrounding the development of Koi as we know them today, and though dates and times vary with each, one thing they all agree upon is that Koi originated from a species of wild carp that is a primary food source throughout asia and the middle east.

Originally kept by rice farmers for a winter food store, some of the fish began to exhibit genetic mutations in the form of colors. First red, then white, then red and white together, and so on. This is thought to have been sometime during the 19th century. The farmers recognized that these fish were special, and so the colored fish were spared from the plate and were kept separate from the normal carp and allowed to breed.

The further development of Koi as we know them today was pioneered by the Japanese, and by 1915 a triple colored Koi was introduced in Tokyo, after which Koi keeping became very popular in Japan.

The development of the plastic bag in the 1950's allowed Koi to be shipped worldwide with high survival rates, which is due in part to their hardy carp ancestors. The popularity of Koi continued to spread worldwide, and over time the beautiful variety of colors we see today were developed.

Today's Koi Fish: Modern Koi fish come in a variety of colors, from solid yellow to tri-color patterns. There are over a dozen officially recognized Koi color combinations, and the older a Koi is, the more prominent its color pattern will become. Traditionally, Koi range in size from 2.5" to 36" but given the proper environment, can grow even larger.

Koi were originally very expensive, with one fish being equivalent to the price of a small car. They were primarily kept by members of high society in formal garden ponds, but today anyone can purchase an entire case of them.

Our Koi:

Our Koi would make a wonderful addition to your pond! They are simply stunning, and can be mixed with many other fish, including Butterfly KoiSarasa CometsPond Comets, and Shubunkins.

Our Premium Koi are of the highest quality and are health certified, so you can rest easy knowing your fish are coming from a clean source.

Have more questions? We have answers! Call us toll free at 1-877-364-8238 or email us.

We have great prices for superior fish, and your Koi ship Overnight Express for a low flat rate of $39.95 per case nationwide! (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)




















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Warranty Information

*We guarantee our fish to live for 24 hours from delivery. When you receive your fish from ThePondHub they should arrive alive! If your fish are dead upon arrival, or die within 24 hours of receiving them, please call us right away for guidance!

*If any fish die in transit or within 24 hours of delivery please call us ASAP and send a photo of the dead fish(es) to thepondpros@thepondhub.com. We will gladly issue store credit.

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  1. Case of 20 Koi

    Posted by Paul on 4th Aug 2013

    I am a repeat customer because of the quality of the fish I received. As usual, everything was great. Will be a customer many times over.

  2. Excellent Plus

    Posted by A. Platt on 5th Jul 2013

    All the fish arrived happy and healthy. Jason selected beautiful specimens. They are thriving in their new home. Great service and great products! Thanks!

  3. no regrets

    Posted by katie on 4th Jul 2013

    Our fish arrived on time healthy and a nice variety of colors.
    We couldn't be happier with the hole process from ordering to delivery.

  4. The one that lived are great

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jun 2013

    We had some very large fish shipped to us. Unfortunately they were not packaged correctly and some of them arrived dead due to lack of water. The ones that survived are great but we were very disappointed in the fact that some did not survive

  5. Solid product, solid service!

    Posted by Betty Gratopp on 11th Jun 2013

    The fish were in great condition upon arrival and the service was awesome. I had some scheduling challenges that week and The Pond Hub worked with me to change shipping dates and destination

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