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Standard Large Butterfly Koi Fish

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  • Buterfly Koi in a variety of colors
  • Beautiful orange Butterfly Koi fish
  • Butterfly Koi fish in a lovely yellow
  • Butterfly Koi fish in orange and white
  • Beautiful Butterfly Koi Fish in Yello with orange and silver
  • Butterfly Koi fish in orange and silver
  • Butterfly Koi fish
Like watching dragons fly. With long fins trailing gracefully behind them and scales glistening in the sunlight, Butterfly Koi will be the stars of your pond.

 Product Description

Beautiful Larger Butterfly Koi For Sale at Great Prices with Easy Shipping!

We offer you the easiest, most economical way to stock your pond or water garden with beautiful, affordable butterfly fin koi fish!

Simply choose your quantity and size of Butterfly Fin Koi Fish from the drop down menu...it is that easy!

Hint - Don't forget to use the coupon code when you get to the check out!

 Our Koi Fish are not just stunning - They are health certified and farm raised in the USA from professional Koi breeders who have been in the industry for 88 years! All fish are from the finest Japanese broodstock. Order yours today!

 24 Hour/Live Arrival Guarantee! We Guarantee our fish will arrive alive, and will survive 24 hours. Please read our shipping policy prior to ordering.

We offer these beautiful larger butterfly koi for sale in 4 different sizes, perfect for any pond:

  • 8" in quantities of 2, 4, or 8 koi per case
  • 10" in quantities of 1, 2, or 4 koi per case

Shipping via overnight air freight has been reduced! Now a flat $39.95 per case in the Continental US, which is great savings for you!

 8" and 10" koi ship on Mondays only. Please do order before 10AM eastern for guaranteed next day delivery.

 Some Additional Butterfly Koi Fish Information:

Size: They have been known to grow to 36"

Lifespan: Up to 47 years 

Diet: Omnivore

Color: Varies

Temperament: Docile, various sizes will co habit without any problems

 Butterfly Koi Fish History:

 Butterfly Koi (Cyprinus carpio) are a member of the carp family. Also known as Longfin Koi and Dragon Carp, Butterfly Koi are easily recognized by their long flowing fins, which make them the stars of many ponds. Butterfly Koi are the result of a cross between Standard Koi, which provided the color, and a grey indonesian grass carp that had long, flowing fins. Butterfly Koi fry are actually grey in color at first, with the stunning colors beginning to appear as they mature. Butterfly Koi come in a variety of colors, from solid yellow to tri-color patterns.


Also known as nishikigoi, koi carp and koi fish, Koi (Cyprinus carpio) are a member of the carp family. There are several different theories surrounding the development of Koi as we know them today, and though dates and times vary with each, one thing they all agree upon is that Koi originated from a species of wild carp that is a primary food source throughout asia and the middle east.

Originally kept by rice farmers for a winter food store, some of the fish began to exhibit genetic mutations in the form of colors. First red, then white, then red and white together, and so on. This is thought to have been sometime during the 19th century. The farmers recognized that these fish were special, and so the colored fish were spared from the plate and were kept separate from the normal carp, and were allowed to breed.

The further development of Koi as we know them today was pioneered by the Japanese, and by 1915 a triple colored Koi was introduced in Tokyo, after which Koi keeping became very popular in Japan.

The development of the plastic bag in the 1950's allowed Koi to be shipped worldwide with high survival rates, which is due in part to their hardy carp ancestors. The popularity of Koi continued to spread worldwide, and over time the beautiful variety of colors we see today were developed.

Today's Koi:

Traditionally, Butterfly Koi fish range in size from 2.5 inches to 36 inches, but given the proper settings can grow even larger. They will look great in your pond, and their long flowing fins provide an illusion of effortless flight when viewed from above. Fin length is an indicator of age, with older fish having longer fins.

Koi were originally very expensive, with one fish being equivalent to the price of a small car. They were primarily kept by members of high society in formal garden ponds, but today anyone can purchase an entire case of them.

Our Koi:

Our Butterfly Koi would make a wonderful addition to your pond! They are simply stunning, and can be mixed with many other fish, including Standard Koi, Sarasa Comets, Pond Comets, and Shubunkins.

Our Butterfly Koi are of high quality and are health certified, coming from a reptutable North American breeder who has been in business for 88 years, so you can rest easy knowing your fish are coming from a clean source.

Have more questions? Need larger fish than 10"? We have answers, and we can source larger fish! Call us toll free at 1-877-364-8238 or email us.

Like always, we have great prices, and your Butterfly Koi ship Overnight Express for a low flat box rate of $39.95 nationwide! (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) The more you buy, the greater your shipping savings is!

Order your Butterfly Koi Fish from The Pond Hub today!


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Acclimate Your Koi
  • Acclimate Your Koi

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 Product Reviews

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  1. Jason at the Pond Hub: Butterfly Koi

    Posted by Howard Watkins on 11th Dec 2013

    I was EXTREMELY happy with my fish that arrived here in Richfield MN! I requested metalic large scale butterfly koi..........although Jason said it was hard to pick and choose, he did his best to work it out for me. When I had gotten my butterfly koi, I opened the box, floated them, added water in the bag, netted them out and put them in a 55 gal tank JUST for the winter. Looked at all of them, they are just BEAUTIFUL! Most ALL have metalic in them with large scales! I could NOT be MORE pleased with the service, patience, understanding, of Jason..........when you order on-line, sometimes you just basically are at "the whim" of the company you order from...............NO LIE, will be ordering from Jason again at the pond hub.com for all my pond needs and suggest ALL who are pond lovers do the same! Thank you so very much for my KOI, I LOVE THEM! Howard from Minnesota :)

  2. Awesome healthy koi

    Posted by Dave Schahczinski on 14th Aug 2013

    I recieved my koi a few days after I ordered them, the 20 butterfly koi I recieved were in perfect condition beautifully colored from whites, yellows, oranges, and mixed colors. They have growm about 2 inches since I introduce them into my pond. Today all 20 koi are still doung well.I would recommend these koi to anyone; Great job!!!

  3. nice healthy butterfly koi

    Posted by Harold Bobb on 14th Aug 2013

    I was very happy with my butterfly koi order, fish arrived safe and healthy. We have had them since May and they have more than doubled in size and are a nice variety of colors! We had no losses in our dozen fish! Highly recommend this method of obtaining great fish for your pond!

  4. Butterfly Koi: Great Fish

    Posted by Rudy Telscher: St. Louis, MO on 14th Aug 2013

    Having compared prices at our local pond stores in St. Louis, my Internet research reflected a substantial savings at The Pond Hub. I was a little skeptical about sending fishing in boxes, but given the price difference, I was game for trying - with a sizable order I might add. We are thrilled with our fish. They came in an interesting array of colors. They are extremely active and fun to watch. Representatives had twice called back to check on the fish, which I also appreciated. I have no hesitation recommedning The Pond Hub for Butterfly Koi.

  5. Butterfly Koi Are Fabulous

    Posted by Charlie on 13th Jun 2013

    We had concerns when Fed Ex had a delay in delivery but the fish all survived and are thriving in our pond. We did get a couple of extra fish and the color variety is spectacular.

    They have lots of energy and seem to have adapted to their new home. Thanks a lot to Jason for keeping us posted on the delivery issues and following up on the health of the fish !!

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